Elijah The Prophet – My Special Protector

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“My Spiritual Father”

By a soul

(written December 2014)

It is Church teaching that at our baptisms, Our Lord appoints the role and assigns the mission He has planned for our spiritual lives on earth.

Isn’t it a common desire of the human heart to wonder what our purpose is in our lives? Above and beyond the simple purpose to know, serve, and love The Lord with all our heart, mind, and strength? But, to know simply why each of us were blessed with the talents and graces of our lives? To know why we were uniquely made for the Glory of God?

I have often thought and wondered to myself what my mission is for God. Intrinsic to this, has always been the thought of wondering if what I am doing or accomplishing in my day is in keeping with the Divine Will of God. Am I making My Lord smile today?

I will tell you plainly that when I wrote my book—the testimony of my life—for you in 2011-2012, it was difficult for me. I had never written a book before and there are parts of my life in which the memories are hard to relive and describe.

If the task could have remained undone, I would have preferred it. But, it was evident to me that Our Lord desired that I share the hidden parts of my life with you. For the strength of The Lord Is made manifest in the weakness of humanity and the blessings of my life could not remain hidden in my heart alone. The blessings needed to continue to flow in the world.

As I have revealed, I walk each day of my life with a special protector. Not just a guardian angel, but a human being appointed by The Lord to walk each day of my life with me.

His name is Elijah and he is the same prophet known in the Old Testament. He is also my “spiritual father” as I asked him to be mine many moons ago.

At first, I did not know who my special protector was.

It was the eve of July 13, 2008 and I had received a special “visitation” from Our Lord and Our Lady. It was the second time that The Lord had visited me in such a manner. The first visitation had taken place over 5 years ago in October 2003. And in both visitations, I did not physically see Our Lord, but He came to me through the physical senses and in extraordinary graces that are hard to describe.

In October 2003, Our Lord visited me, and through angels, revealed to me three personal prophecies of my life. Two prophecies have happened; the third has yet to be fulfilled.

The first prophecy involved a horrific car accident that happened in January 2008.

The second prophecy involved a heavenly gift that I would receive five years in the future. I received that special gift on July 13, 2008.

And the third prophecy revealed the manner in which I would pass on (die) in life.

And so, on the eve of July 13, 2008, after I had received the heavenly gift from Our Lord, Jesus presented to me, my special protector.

I did not see my special protector, but he spoke to me in a voice audible to my senses and quite clearly. It was evident that he was a human being, not an angel, and was male.

My special protector revealed to me that one day in heaven, Jesus had approached him and asked him if he would “protect me” as He had a “special mission” for me on earth. And that, joyfully, my special protector responded to The Lord that he would be “honored” to do so.

Then, after waiting more than two years, on July 20, 2010, the feast day of St. Elijah in the Catholic Church, The Lord opened my mind and revealed to me that Elijah the Prophet was my special protector. The news of which astounded me as I never had any idea it would be him.

I walk each day with Elijah.

(Even saying that now, still astounds me. Yet, it is The Truth).

To be honest, if the fact that I walk each day with Elijah could remain hidden, I would prefer this, too. But, this grace does not belong to me.

Thus, I wrote my life testimony, so others could be made aware that The Lord remains faithful to His promises. Our Lord testified in Holy Scripture that one day Elijah would return to earth before the Great and terrible Day of The Lord. It is The Truth and it is happening today.

I am not a prophet. I do not receive special messages from heavenly sources.

I am not a Jew. I am a single female, who is faithful to the Catholic Church.

I am not a biblical scholar. I do not know much about the stories of Holy Scripture, especially, the Old Testament.

I am a sinner. I have many weaknesses and failings. I am far from being a perfect soul or a saint.

And I suffer from many physical ailments, including a severe mental illness, which I know would preclude me from being a credible source in the mind of many people, including Church authorities.

Yet, despite all these obstacles, I walk each day with Elijah. Even I, I do not understand why.

I accept this fact, without reservation, without understanding the reason why…

Although Elijah is with me each day, I have rarely heard him speak to me. Truly, most of the time, he is silent (although I suspect he prays for me all the time). Truthfully, I receive more inspirations from other saints in heaven and such, than I do from Elijah directly. And yet, if I am ever prone to doubt, I am reminded all the time with these words, that “Elijah will comfort me when the time comes.”

I do not know if I am the only person who is walking each day with Elijah. There could be others… I simply do not know.

Now, some may doubt my words here. They likely question how Elijah is “appearing” to me on earth, for they believe that Elijah was “translated” in a fiery chariot to heaven, ready to one day appear on earth in a physical body and in an “aged” appearance, being thousands of years old.

Yet, this is a misunderstanding on their part.

Elijah was a mortal man, appointed to die on earth. Elijah was never “translated” or “assumed” into heaven, like Our Lady. That was a unique, extraordinary grace, given to The Blessed Mother, Queen of Heaven, alone.

I had wondered about this fact once, too. But, the heavenly messages at Holy Love Ministry (http://www.holylove.org) tellingly revealed that Elijah was not both in body and in soul in heaven. And since mankind is only appointed to live only once on earth, the only way the prophecy of Elijah returning to earth could be fulfilled before the Great and terrible Day of The Lord, was if Elijah walked with someone alive on earth each day.

And so, despite not knowing why, this is what is happening today. At least, through me.

I do not even know what my “special mission” is.

But, that is alright for me. Because I know that on the Great Day of The Warning—when the Illumination of Conscience happens to every soul on earth—Our Lord will answer all my questions. He will reveal His plans for my life to me.

Meanwhile, I prepare my heart.

I prepare to wear my “sackcloth” of Holy Love, as requested by Jesus in more than one heavenly message at Holy Love Ministry. This sackcloth consists of living truly the Two Greatest Commandments of Holy Love. One, to love God above all else, and two, to love neighbor as self.

Each day and every day, I work on my conversion moment-by-moment so as to one day rest in the Heart of My Savior, immersed fully in the Eternal Will of The Heavenly Father, in Unitive Love—the highest form of Love that exists.

I also make the purpose of each and every day, to make My Lord smile. I hope with all of my heart that I am pleasing in everything that I do for Him.

Finally, I ask that Elijah, my spiritual father, watch over me and protect and guide me on the holy path to God. May I always remain ever faithful to The Lord!

I love You, Lord.

May I always trust in You!

May I always love You!



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